We Portal live stream from Warp Records HQ

Mira Calix presents We Portal
Live Stream from Warp Records/Bleep HQ
18.15 GMT

To mark the official launch of Mira Calix’s Portal an online curated space for music, conversations and materials, the artist presents We Portal. An evening of performance art, dance, literature, and music streamed live from the Warp Records/Bleep HQ in London. Taking place on Friday 6 January, the event showcases artists with a wide range of practices in a simple and egalitarian manner.  In a world accentuating the ‘I’, Calix wants to emphasise the ‘We’.  She has invited artists to create brief performances lasting between 5 and 15 minutes with the event being broadcast from the confines of the very bijoux Warp Offices ladies loo*

Although live streams have today become regular affairs, it is the interdisciplinary nature of Calix’s We Portal that sets it aside from other online platforms. Calix has created an intimate space, both virtually and physically, for experimental performance and cross genre music. Her ambition is share and facilitate the discovery of new artists and potentially even art-forms with an interactive international audience.  This multidisciplinary and collaborative approach is central to her practice and lies at the heart of her new Portal projects.

The live stream will commence at 18.15, lasting aprox 3 hours, on both the Mira Calix and Warp Records Facebook pages. The broadcast will be archived and available for viewing later.

#weportal #calixportal

Mira Calix Portal is hosted by Bleep

mira calix portal

Performers:  Mike Harvey/To Move Alone To/Toby Litt/Laura Wilson/Susannah Browning/Mathew de Kersaint Giraudeau/Peter Liversidge/Tom Smith/Esmeralda Conde Ruiz/Daniel Pioro and Mira Calix

Djs on the night were Warp Records, Warp Publish and Bleep staff
Luke/Amelia/Theo/Matt responding to Mira’s brief of playing a selection of music
they discovered during 2016

*bathroom (for non British speakers)

‘We Portal is no frills – just art. Bringing artists, my friends and collaborators together, from all disciplines and interests to experiment and be playful in the loo of all places, seems like a pretty good way to start the year to me, particularly after the last one!”

mira calix