the wire salon – infinite music

In his new book Infinite Music (Zer0), Adam Harper brings the ideas of Varèse, Cage and other visionary 20th century composers to their ultimate conclusion, proposing a system for imagining music based on its capacity for variation, redefining both musical modernism and music itself in the process.

From Indeterminacy to Ableton Live, from Alan Lomax’s Cantometrics system to the timbral innovations of Burial, Infinite Music maps a present in which radical methodologies and new technologies have brought composers and listeners to the brink of an era of limitless musical possibility. We stand before a vast ocean of creative potential, in which all sounds can be synthesised into new styles and forms of music-making. But are musicians taking advantage of this potential? And how could we go about creating and listening to new music, and why should we?

Infinite Music proposes profound answers to such questions, mapping the future of music and the many paths towards it by detailing not just how music is composed but how it’s perceived.

This edition of The Wire Salon will begin with a talk by Adam Harper, illustrated with audio and video clips, elaborating on the central themes of Infinite Music. Following an interval of future-proof music selections, he will join Mira Calix and Nightwave (aka 8Bitch) in a discussion of some of the ideas in the book moderated by Tony Herrington (The Wire)