the sun is the queen of torches

the sun is the queen of torches

Easthetic Festivl

Brighton Dome – 10 December 2013

performed by Mira Calix, Ella Robson Guillfoyle and Daniel Pioro.

the sun is the queen of torches is a process base live performance piece based on the work of Dr Natalie Stingelin and her team at the Department of Materials, Imperial College London.

The team at Imperial College are working on a new Organic Photovoltaic process (OPV). OPV uses an organic polymer layer to convert light into electricity. The layer absorbs light (or photons), converts into electrons and holes, which are transported to the contacts to generate electricity. These low-cost and light weight materials could revolutionise how we feed our energy needs. It is their work that has inspired Mira to transform the process into a performative piece; sharing the role of electron and proton between herself and Ella, allowing light to pass into a darkened space and in doing so excite both sound and movement. The performers  symbolically take multiple roles in this scientific process and is performed by Mira Calix, Laban-trained dancer Ella Robson Guilfoyle. Ella Robson Guillfoyle and Daniel Pioro, 1st violinist of the LCO Orchestra.