Moving Museum 35 – iterations & talks

Moving Museum 35

further iterations and talks – UK
Turner Contemporary Margate 9/2/2016
Somerset House, Utopia Treasury, South wing, London  28/11/2016 -4/12/2016


At the start of 2016 artist Mira Calix collaborated with students from Nanjing University of The Arts as part of MIRChina Residency awarded by the British Council and PRS Foundation. In response to the rapid growth of China’s museum sector, Calix wanted to shift museum philosophy into everyday life, producing the Moving Museum 35, a temporary sound installation situated on the no 35 commuter bus. The Museum was open for three months, 22 854 passengers experienced it directly. Further buses promoting the work and video artworks broadcast at bus stops throughout the country, resulted in a reach of 161 67 3390 people. Along with social networks and digital communication, notebooks were left on the buses for passengers, to respond to the challenging work. Thousands of drawings and notes were left and Calix has created a 15 minute video art piece, accompanied by an excerpt of the original hour long quadrophonic sound track. It is this work which forms the basis of this current iteration of MM35, giving an insight into the hearts and minds of the people of Nanjing and how art can be integrated into the everyday. A short documentary film, along with sculptural dance video art piece created by Calix, will be exhibited at Somerset House as part of the year long Utopia 2016 programme
The quadrophonic sound installation will be exhibited at Turner Contemporary Margate on the 9th November.

Turner Contemporary

Somerset House Utopia 2016