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Metamorphosis – soundtrack for UVA/Paris Opera short

Mira Calix creates a new score for Mathew Clark/UVA collaboration with Paris Opera
UVA’s film for the “3e Scène” offers a new perspective on a seemingly familiar subject: the human body in motion. It captures the dance of the ballerina Eve Grinsztajn as a three-dimensional point cloud of data, transforming her into a moving sculpture. Her movement is expressed through abstracted forms, and a story emerges. The film, which revolves around the themes of rebirth and renewal, is accompanied by a Baroque-inspired score by Mira Calix.

Matthew Clark is a Founding Partner and the Creative Director of the London-based multidisciplinary art studio United Visual Artists, which has designed the scenography of the first world premiere of the Paris Opera’s 2015/16 season, a ballet by Benjamin Millepied.
The challenge of working for an institution with a rich heritage that represents the highest level of classical and contemporary opera and dance piqued the artists’ curiosity. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the art of ballet, they chose to observe it through the lens of digital technology.

3eScene- Paris Opera

musicians Oliver Coates and Daniel Pioro