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End Of Line – Collaboration with Goshka Macuaga

End Of Line
An ambitious new durational work by Goshka Macuga which includes two 4.5m motorised tables, , with a newly commissioned score by Mira Calix and duet of dancers who perform original choreography by Mbulelo Ndabeni in association with Rambert dance on the moving tables. By encouraging and facilitating the interaction of contemporary artists with the world of dance, the national dance company, Rambert has been at the forefront of cross-disciplinary dialogue throughout its illustrious history.

The premiere performance takes place at the David Roberts Foundation alongside works by Mark Wallinger, Roman Ondak, Amalia Ulman and Mary Hurrell on the 6th of October 2016.

The work will then transfer to the Lowry in Manchester as part of Perpetual Motion. There will be performances between the 29th of October and 26th February 2017.

‘Perpetual Movement’ is an exhibition showcasing the relationship between contemporary dance and contemporary art by celebrating Rambert’s 90th anniversary through four international artists working in a range of mediums, each responding differently to the inspiration of contemporary dance, alongside a carefully curated selection of objects.

David Roberts Foundation

The Lowry