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Strata 2

commissioned by: Arcadi 

premiere: St Eustache Cathedral, Nemo Festival, Paris, France – 2009

collaborators: director/producer – Quayola, Music by Mira Calix and Autobam

instrumentation: Oliver Coates – violoncello, electronics

format: video/audio installation
awards: Rencontres Audiovisuelles – Best Original Soundtrack – winner – 2010\

Second piece within the ongoing Strata series,  by visual artist Quayola. “Strata #2” explores the icons of french gothic imagery and architecture, focusing on the layering of times function and representations. The video piece describes an imaginary alteration of architectural matter. By moving through the spaces of “Notre Dame” and “Saint Eustache” a process of metamorphosis is slowly revealed, transforming structure and function of the original churches. The piece premiered in Paris as a  surround sound video installation in the Cathedral of St Eustache.  The soundtrack was composed by Mira Calix and Autobam. Oliver Coates is the cellist.