commissioned by: Opera North

premiere: The Howard Assembly Rooms, Leeds U.K. – 2009

collaborators: concept, design – United Visual Artists, music- Mira Calix

instrumentation: voice, orchestra, electronics

format: audio/visual installation

awards: Award Of Distinction -Prix Ars Electronica 2009





Chorus from United Visual Artists on Vimeo.



With Chorus UVA created a kinetic installation that produces a hypnotic performance. Eight tall black pendulums swing back and forth, simultaneously emitting light and sound.

With a soundtrack written by Mira Calix the rhythm of the work moves between chaos and unison.  The music  is transported by speakers embedded in the 8 swinging pendulums and a further 8 static speakers at ground level. The composition is informed by the movement of the pendulums. The lights are informed by the sound.  The musical score is comprised of over 2000 sound samples that are integrated in a customised software application that makes communication between movement, light and sound, unified and comprehensive.

After a successful run in Opera North in Leeds, February 2009, Chorus was installed in Durham Cathedral for the Lumiere festival (November 2009), which attracted over 75.000 visitors in 4 days. In June and July 2010, the work was installed in the boiler room at the Wapping Project, a previous hydraulic power station on the Thames, London

chorus – durham cathedral

chorus – wapping project

chorus – howard assembly rooms

visualisation – durham cathedral