The Discovery Of Bomarzo

Mira Calix and Solomon’s Knot

21st June

Britten Studio

Aldeburgh Festival

Bomarzo is a sculpture garden created in the mid–16th century by a lovelorn Italian duke in the countryside near Rome. Its extraordinary Mannerist sculptures lay neglected and overgrown for hundreds of years until they were rediscovered in the 20th century by Salvador Dalì, who was excited and inspired by what he found…

The story has inspired ever-inventive early music collective Solomon’s Knot to join forces with sound artist, composer and performer Mira Calix to combine the sensuous and strange music of this twilight period between the Renaissance and Baroque with her own contemporary electronics-based aesthetic. Her music links the madrigals, forging a 21st-century musical garden tangled with centuries- old creations. Composers are the forgotten sculptures in this garden, still largely unknown and lying undiscovered. Bomarzo is ‘discovered’ anew – but it has changed.