solo exhibition – Dominik Mersh Gallery – Sydney

Mira Calix opens solo exhibition – langudeson – at Dominik Mersh Gallery

Sydney Australia

3/7/2015 – 24/7/2015

11am-6pm Wed- Sat  IMG_1012
In linguistics, human language is considered to be a system of sounds, symbols, and meaning.  Ferdinand de Saussure distinguished between the notions of langue and parole in his formulation of structural linguistics. According to him, parole is the specific utterance of speech, whereas langue refers to an abstract phenomenon that theoretically defines the principles and system of rules that govern a language. It is common for scholars in cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience interested in music to draw comparisons with language. However, language is most likely to be considered as a contrast to music. Unlike other universal domains of human expertise. such as vision or social organisation, both music and language are organised temporally, with the relevant structures unfolding in time.There is no objective interpretation, in respect to models of music cognition. Regardless of the mechanism by which our brain accomplishes, Calix considers how we interpret, deduce, recall, or create musical meaning subjectively, whether it is written or heard, in her new solo exhibition.

In this new collection of mixed media artworks, Mira Calix  has examined the multiple specialised written and visual languages she use to create music and sound; classical notation, waveforms, readable protocols etc….transposing their anatomy across multiple forms into sonic materialisations and ideograms working in paper, ink, steel and sound.